Alexa Voice Service software expansion for STM32Cube

The X-CUBE-AVS Expansion Package consists of a set of libraries and application examples for STM32F7 Series microcontrollers acting as Alexa-enabled devices.

It runs on the 32F769IDISCOVERY board, which provides a native Ethernet interface.

Key Features

  • STMicroelectronics framework for the Alexa Voice Service (AVS)
  • Creation of AVS-oriented STM32 applications
  • Ready-to-run smart-speaker firmware example
  • TCP/IP connectivity
  • AVS-protocol encapsulation
  • Replaceable basic audio acquisition
  • Example of a limited audio player




Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
Description Version Size
DB3500 DB3500: Alexa Voice Service software expansion for STM32Cube 1.0 151 KB
User Manuals
Description Version Size
UM2312 UM2312: Development checklist for STM32Cube Expansion Packages 1.0 283 KB
UM2285 UM2285: Development guidelines for STM32Cube Expansion Packages 1.0 485 KB
UM2354 UM2354: Getting started with the Alexa Voice Service software expansion for STM32Cube 1.0 871 KB

Presentations & Training Material

Description Version Size
STM32 and STM8 embedded software solutions 5.0 3 MB

Publications and Collaterals

Description Version Size
STM32 Open Development Environment Brochure 17.09 4 MB


License Agreement
Description Version Size
SLA0048 SLA0048: Mix Ultimate Liberty+OSS+3rd-party V1 - SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT 4.6 86 KB

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X-CUBE-AVS 1.0.1 Active ST