ZentriOS STM32 WiFi Software Development Kit (SDK)

The ZentriOS Software Development Kit (ZEN-ZentriOS) contains the necessary tools to quickly develop and deploy resource constrained connected products for IoT, including complex and full stack security. ZentriOS is a feature-rich connectivity operating system to accelerate user product time to market to weeks or months rather than years. Using the ZentriOS SDK, users create native applications in less than a few hundred lines of code that runs on ZentriOS, or alternately interfaces with ZentriOS using the extensive command API over serial, HTTP REST, WebSockets or a remote terminal. Some of the powerful features provided by ZentriOS include flexible serial communications,sensors and peripheral interfaces, a read/write file system, and robust, secure OTA wireless updates from the Zentri Device Management Service (DMS).

This product is supplied by a third party not affiliated to STmicroelectronics. For the latest information on the specification and the package of the purchased part, refer to the third party’s website www.zentri.com.

Key Features

  • Runs on STM32 based on ARM® Cortex® -M with less than 100-Kbyte RAM
  • Read/write Flash memory based file system up to 128 MBytes
  • Foundational, C code that accelerates development of lightweight, custom embedded applications
  • Option to run applications in an external, serially connected microcontroller or embedded directly in an encrypted sandbox within ZentriOS
  • Cloud agnostic
  • Webserver with HTTP/HTTPS, RESTful API/Websockets, serial interfaces and Javascript library
  • Access to the Zentri Device Management Service (Zentri DMS) for product portfolio manageability and to compile, build, and distribute the embedded application libraries from an application store
  • Supported connectivity includes Wi-Fi, BLE, Cellular Failover Support, Ethernet, multi-connection, SoftAP, and network discovery.
  • Deeply integrated, full-stack security including a randomized, per-device, unique encryption keys, X.509 digital certificates, TLS protocols, firmware and device images that are programmed on the production floor.



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