Discovery kit with STM8AF5288 and STM8AL3L68 MCUs

The STM8A-DISCOVERY helps you discover the STM8AF and STM8AL automotive microcontrollers family features and develop your applications through two dedicated application boards that can be connected together via a LIN network.

The STM8AF board can perform both CAN and LIN communications with the MCU powered at 5 V and is ready to be connected into a network with its integrated transceiver. The STM8AL board manages LIN slave communication through its transceiver and uses a 4-digit alphanumeric LCD display with the MCU powered at 3.3 V, offering low energy power modes.

Both STM8AF and STM8AL boards include push buttons, LEDs, external connectors and allow various configurations to take advantage of the numerous capabilities of the microcontrollers.

Key Features

  • STM8AF and STM8AL common features:
    • On-board ST-LINK/V2 included for debugging and programming
    • Board power supply: through 5 V USB bus
    • Internal dual ST662A step-up converter building the 12 Vdc when powered by USB port
    • External application power supply VBAT (up to 14 Vdc)
    • 16 MHz HSE XTAL crystal oscillator
    • L99PM62GXP power management IC with LIN and high speed CAN with SPI control interface and high-side drivers
    • Two push buttons (USER1 and USER2)
    • Extension header for L99PM62GXP including relays, high-side outputs and wake-up capabilities
  • STM8AF dedicated features:
    • STM8AF5288T microcontroller featuring 64 Kbytes Flash, 2 Kbytes data EEPROM, LIN, CAN in an 48-pin package
    • Seven LEDs:
      • LD1 (red/green) for USB communication
      • LD2 (red) for 5 V power ON
      • Five user LEDs LD3 (red) and LD4 to LD7 (green)
    • RV1 potentiometer connected to the ADC peripheral
    • Extension headers for MCU connectivity (full Port B, free ports pins, RESET)
  • STM8AL dedicated features:
    • STM8AL3L68T microcontroller featuring 32 Kbytes Flash, 1 Kbytes data EEPROM, LCD in an 48-pin package
    • Four LEDs:
      • LD1 (red/green) for USB communication
      • LD2 (red) for 3.3 V power ON
      • 2 user LEDs LD3 (red) and LD4 (green)
    • 4-digit alphanumeric LCD display including 4 bars display
    • Extension header for MCU connectivity (free ports pins, RESET)




Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
Description Version Size
DB1759 DB1759: STM8A-DISCOVERY Discovery kit for STM8A microcontrollers 1.1 229 KB
Application Notes
Description Version Size
AN4102 AN4102: Introducing the low-power concept in automotive applications using the STM8AL board of the STM8A-DISCOVERY 1.2 168 KB
AN4101 AN4101: LIN communication with STM8A-DISCOVERY 1.1 182 KB
User Manuals
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UM1574 UM1574: STM8A-DISCOVERY Discovery kit for STM8A microcontrollers 1.1 1 MB

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STM8A-DISCOVERY gerber files 1.0 1 MB
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STM8A-DISCOVERY schematics 1.0 540 KB

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STM8 8-bit MCU family 17.03 1 MB


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Evaluation products license agreement 1.4 128 KB
Open Reference Material License Agreement v5 42 KB

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