Complete EvoPrimer ready to use from Raisonance for easy evaluation and development with STM8L MCUs

Raisonance’s Primers are a uniquely fun, easy, low-risk solution for exploring, evaluating and developing applications for the STM32 and STM8 microcontrollers. They include everything that users need to better understand the STM32/STM8’s peripheral implementation and operation.

The EvoPrimer range is an enhancement of the original Primer1 and Primer2 devices. It offers even more flexibility to evaluate a range of STM32 microcontrollers and STM8L ultralow power line microcontrollers, using the same EvoPrimer base with interchangeable target boards (to test different microcontrollers) or extension boards.

Key Features

  • The versatile EvoPrimer range includes:
    • In-circuit debugging/programming via dedicated USB connection to the host PC
    • Evaluation features including USB connector and MEMs sensor
    • Comprehensive development software
    • Ergonomic design
    • MEMs-based controls
    • Touchscreen TFT display, color LCD
    • Joystick
    • Audio circuit/Jack
    • MEMS accelerometer
    • Li-Ion battery with charge management circuit
    • Micro SD Card™ connector
    • Add-on connector for extension boards with USART, SPI, I2C and analog/digital I/Os
  • STM8L ultralow power EvoPrimer features:
    • STM8L152C6 MCU with 32 KB Flash
    • Low power consumption
    • LCD (7-segment)
    • Temperature sensor
    • Solar cells
  • STM32F105/107 EvoPrimer features:
    • STM32F107VC MCU with 256 KB Flash
    • Mini-USB OTG connector
  • STM32F103 EvoPrimer features:
    • STM32F103VG MCU with 1 MB Flash
    • Mini-USB connector
  • STM32F407/417 EvoPrimer features:
    • STM32F407IG MCU with 1 MB Flash
    • 1.3 M pixel image sensor
    • 3-axis gyroscope
    • 16 Mbits of SRAM
    • STA529A audio-codec
    • Mini-USB connector (HS, USB 2.0 OTG) and dual CAN connector
  • STM32F429/439 EvoPrimer features:
    • STM32F429ZI MCU with 2 MB Flash
    • 2 MB SDRAM
  • STM32L ultralow power EvoPrimer features:
    • STM32L152VB MCU with 128 KB Flash
    • LCD (14-segment)
    • Temperature and pressure sensors
    • Solar cells and Li-ion battery
  • Inertial sensor extension board features:
    • 3-axis gyroscope
    • Pressure and temperature sensor
    • Magnetometer and accelerometer




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DB0475 DB0475: Raisonance STM32 and STM8 Primers for fun, easy evaluation and development with STM32 and STM8 10.1 259 KB


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Evaluation products license agreement 1.4 128 KB
Open Reference Material License Agreement v5 42 KB
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