STM32L162 devices complete the STM32L151/152 offer by proposing an AES 128-bit hardware encryption on chip.
To complete cryptography capability, crypto libraries covering DES, 3DES, RSA and ECCC are available for all STM32 MCUs.

The STM32L162 is available with from 256- to 512-Kbyte of Flash and from 64- to 144-pin packages.

New optimized STM32L162 MCUs

Wondering what’s new with the STM32L162xD-X MCUs?

• Overall power consumption improved in dynamic and static
• RAM increased from 48KB to 80KB
• EEPROM increased from 12KB to 16KB
• New WLCSP package with 104 pins

How to migrate your design from STM32L162xD to STM32L162xD-X?  Have a look at our technical note TN1201.

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