STM32L4 series of ultra-low-power and performance MCUs

STM32L432/442 & STM32L452/462 devices extend the ultra-low-power portfolio and performance with an ARM® Cortex®-M4 core with DSP and floating-point unit (FPU) at 80 MHz.

  • The STM32L432 portfolio offers from 128 to 256 Kbytes of Flash in very small plastic package QFN-32 (5 x 5 mm).
  • The STM32L452 portfolio offers from 256 to 512 Kbytes of Flash and from 48-to 100-pin packages. 

Meet our new very budget-friendly, ultra-low-power STM32L4 MCUs

Offering a rationalized peripheral set, our two new ultra-low-power STM32L4 product lines provide a cost-optimized solution.

With up to 256 Kbyte of Flash memory, our new STM32L43x MCUs comprise variants with versatile combinations of an integrated USB controller and LCD controller, while STM32L44x MCUs also include an AES encryption hardware accelerator for security-conscious applications.

Developers will appreciate the new slim-form-factor NUCLEO-L432KC board – the first Nucleo-32 board integrating the new QFN32 package - and get direct access to ARM® mbed™ online tools.

Ideal for cost-sensitive applications, low-pin-count-package choices range from 32-pin QFN (5 x 5 mm) to 100-pin LQFP (14 x 14 mm) packages including WLCSP (3.14 x 3.13 mm).

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