Automotive 8-bit MCU with 8 Kbytes Flash, LIN, 16 MHz CPU, integrated EEPROM

The STM8AF6213, STM8AF6223, STM8AF6223A and STM8AF6226 automotive 8-bit microcontrollers offer 4 to 8 Kbytes of Flash program memory, plus integrated true data EEPROM. The STM8S series and STM8AF series 8-bit microcontrollers reference manual (RM0016) refers to devices in this family as low-density. They provide the following benefits: performance, robustness and reduced system cost.

Device performance and robustness are ensured by advanced core and peripherals made in a state-of-the-art technology, a 16 MHz clock frequency, robust I/Os, independent watchdogs with separate clock source, and a clock security system.

The system cost is reduced thanks to an integrated true data EEPROM for up to 300 kwrite/erase cycles and a high system integration level with internal clock oscillators, watchdog, and brown-out reset.

Full documentation is offered as well as a wide choice of development tools.

Key Features

  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • Core
    • Max fCPU : 16 MHz
    • Advanced STM8A core with Harvard architecture and 3-stage pipeline
    • Extended instruction set
  • Memories
    • Program memory: 4 to 8 Kbyte Flash program; data retention 20 years at 55 °C after 1 kcycle
    • Data memory: 640 byte true data EEPROM; endurance 300 kcycle
    • RAM: 1 Kbyte
  • Clock management
    • Low-power crystal resonator oscillator with external clock input
    • Internal, user-trimmable 16 MHz RC and low-power 128 kHz RC oscillators
    • Clock security system with clock monitor
  • Reset and supply management
    • Wait/auto-wakeup/Halt low-power modes with user definable clock gating
    • Low-consumption power-on and power-down reset
  • Interrupt management
    • Nested interrupt controller with 32 interrupts
    • Up to 28 external interrupts on 7 vectors
  • Timers
    • Advanced control timer: 16-bit, 4 CAPCOM channels, 3 complementary outputs, dead-time insertion and flexible synchronization
    • 16-bit general purpose timer with 3 CAPCOM channels each (IC, OC, PWM)
    • 8-bit AR basic timer with 8-bit prescaler
    • Auto-wakeup timer
    • Window and independent watchdog timers
  • I/Os
    • Up to 28 I/Os on a 32-pin package including 21 high sink outputs
    • Highly robust I/O design, immune against current injection
  • Communication interfaces
    • LINUART LIN 2.2 compliant, master/slave modes with automatic resynchronization
    • SPI interface up to 8 Mbit/s or fMASTER /2
    • I2 C interface up to 400 Kbit/s
  • Analog to digital converter (ADC)
    • 10-bit, ± 1 LSB ADC with up to 7 muxed channels + 1 internal channel, scan mode and analog watchdog
    • Internal reference voltage measurement
  • Operating temperature up to 150 °C


Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
Description Version Size
DS9884 DS9884: Automotive 8-bit MCU, with up to 8 Kbyte Flash, data EEPROM, 10-bit ADC, timers, LIN, SPI, I²C, 3 to 5.5 V 6.0 2 MB
Application Notes
Description Version Size
AN1709 AN1709: EMC design guide for ST microcontrollers 2.0 843 KB
AN1181 AN1181: Electrostatic discharge sensitivity measurement 1.6 49 KB
AN2752 AN2752: Getting started with the STM8S and STM8A 5.2 2 MB
AN3236 AN3236: Guidelines to increase the number of touch sensing touchkeys 4.0 300 KB
AN2669 AN2669: How to configure the STM8A microcontroller clocks 2.5 97 KB
AN3208 AN3208: Microstepping motor drive with STM8A and STM8S microcontrollers 1.3 284 KB
AN2867 AN2867: Oscillator design guide for STM8AF/AL/S and STM32 microcontrollers 11.0 2 MB
AN2792 AN2792: STM8A easy programmer 1.4 129 KB
AN3258 AN3258: STM8AF and STM8S series HSI oscillator calibration using LIN automatic resynchronization 2.0 247 KB
AN2857 AN2857: STM8S and STM8A family power management 3.2 268 KB
AN2822 AN2822: STM8S and STM8A high speed internal oscillator calibration 2.2 195 KB
AN3023 AN3023: Using the analog-to-digital converter of the STM8A microcontroller 1.3 283 KB
Technical Notes & Articles
Description Version Size
TN1163 TN1163: Description of WLCSP for microcontrollers and recommendations for its use 4.0 1 MB
TN0189 TN0189: STM8 bootloader frequently asked questions 2.4 320 KB
TN1205 TN1205: Tape and reel shipping media for STM8 and STM32 microcontrollers in FPN packages 3.0 753 KB
TN1206 TN1206: Tape and reel shipping media for STM8 and STM32 microcontrollers in QFP packages 3.0 830 KB
TN1207 TN1207: Tape and reel shipping media for STM8 and STM32 microcontrollers in SO packages 1.0 755 KB
TN1208 TN1208: Tape and reel shipping media for STM8 and STM32 microcontrollers in TSSOP and SSOP packages 1.0 743 KB
Reference Manuals
Description Version Size
RM0016 RM0016: STM8S Series and STM8AF Series 8-bit microcontrollers 14.0 9 MB
Programming Manuals
Description Version Size
PM0051 PM0051: How to program STM8S and STM8A Flash program memory and data EEPROM 3.4 191 KB
PM0044 PM0044: STM8 CPU programming manual 3.4 899 KB
Errata Sheets
Description Version Size
ES0220 ES0220: Device limitations for STM8AF62xx automotive MCUs featuring up to 8 Kbytes of Flash program memory 2.0 326 KB

HW Model, CAD Libraries & SVD

HW Model, CAD Libraries & SVD
Description Version Size
STM8AF CAD Symbol and Footprint files 1.0 743 KB

Presentations & Training Material

Description Version Size
STM32 and STM8 Functional Safety Packages 2 1 MB
STM32 and STM8 embedded software solutions 3.2 2 MB

Publications and Collaterals

Description Version Size
Get ready for the largest IoT development ecosystem 17.02 741 KB
STM8CubeMX eases STM8 configuration 1.0 532 KB
Description Version Size
STM8 8-bit MCU family 17.03 1 MB

Quality & Reliability

Product Certifications
Description Version Size
CAN conformance test certificate from C&S group Gmbh for STM8AF microcontrollers 1.0 199 KB
LIN 2.1 master conformance test certificate from IHR Gmbh for STM8AF microcontrollers 1.0 216 KB
LIN 2.1 slave conformance test certificate from IHR Gmbh for STM8AF microcontrollers 1.0 216 KB
SAE J2602 master conformance test certificate from IHR Gmbh for STM8AF microcontrollers 1.0 117 KB
SAE J2602 slave conformance test certificate from IHR Gmbh for STM8AF microcontrollers 1.0 114 KB

Tools and Software

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