ARM966E-S™ 16/32-Bit Flash MCU with Ethernet, USB, CAN, 4 timers, ADC, RTC, DMA

STR91xFA is a series of ARM®-powered microcontrollers which combines a 16/32-bit ARM966E-S RISC processor core, dual-bank Flash memory, large SRAM for data or code, and a rich peripheral set to form an ideal embedded controller for a wide variety of applications such as point-of-sale terminals, industrial automation, security and surveillance, vending machines, communication gateways, serial protocol conversion, and medical equipment. The ARM966E-S core can perform single-cycle DSP instructions, good for speech processing, audio algorithms, and low-end imaging.

Key Features

  • 16/32-bit 96 MHz ARM9E based MCU
    • ARM966E-S™ RISC core: Harvard archi-tecture, 5-stage pipeline, Tightly-Coupled Memories (SRAM and Flash)
    • STR91xFA implementation of core adds high-speed burst Flash memory interface, instruction prefetch queue, branch cache
    • Up to 96 MIPS directly from Flash memory
    • Single-cycle DSP instructions supported
    • Binary compatible with ARM7 code
  • Dual burst Flash memories, 32-bits wide
    • 256 KB/512 KB/1 MB/2 MB main Flash
    • 32 KB/128 KB secondary Flash
    • Sequential Burst operation up to 96 MHz
    • 100 K min erase cycles, 20 yr min retention
  • SRAM, 32-bits wide
    • 64K or 96K bytes, optional battery backup
  • 9 programmable DMA channels
  • Clock, reset, and supply management
    • Internal oscillator operating with external 4-25 MHz crystal
    • Internal PLL up to 96 MHz
    • Real-time clock provides calendar functions, tamper, and wake-up functions
    • Reset Supervisor monitors supply voltage, watchdog, wake-up unit, external reset
    • Brown-out monitor
    • Run, Idle, and Sleep Mode as low as 50 uA
  • Vectored interrupt controller (VIC)
    • 32 IRQ vectors, 30 interrupt pins
    • Branch cache minimizes interrupt latency
  • 8-channel, 10-bit A/D converter (ADC)
    • 0 to 3.6 V range, 0.7 usec conversion
  • 10 Communication interfaces
    • 10/100 Ethernet MAC with DMA and MII
    • USB Full-speed (12 Mbps) slave device
    • CAN interface (2.0B Active)
    • 3 16550-style UARTs with IrDA protocol
    • 2 Fast I2C, 400 kHz
    • 2 channels for SPI, SSI™, or MICROWIRE™
  • External Memory Interface (EMI)
    • 8- or 16-bit data, up to 24-bit addressing
    • Static Async modes for LQFP128
    • Additional burst synchronous modes for LFBGA144
  • Up to 80 I/O pins (muxed with interfaces)
  • 16-bit standard timers (TIM)
    • 4 timers each with 2 input capture, 2 output compare, PWM and pulse count modes
  • 3-Phase induction motor controller (IMC)
  • JTAG interface with boundary scan
  • Embedded trace module (ARM® ETM9™)

Circuit Diagram

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Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
Description Version Size
ARM966E-S™ 16/32-bit Flash MCU with Ethernet, USB, CAN, AC motor control, 4 timers, ADC, RTC, DMA 7.0 1 MB
Application Notes
Description Version Size
Configuring the STR91xFA MCU for optimum CPU performance 1.3 72 KB
Connecting I2S audio devices to the STR7/STR9 MCU 1.3 158 KB
EEPROM emulation in STR91xFxx devices 2.1 232 KB
EMC design guide for ST microcontrollers 2.0 843 KB
Electrostatic discharge sensitivity measurement 1.6 49 KB
Migrating from STR91xF to STR91xFA 2.4 210 KB
STR91x hardware development getting started 2.4 230 KB
STR91x interrupt management 2.2 146 KB
STR91xFA low power management and power consumption 1.2 523 KB
Selecting between ROM, FASTROM and OTP for a microcontroller 1.3 124 KB
Using the STR91xFA DMA controller 2.3 221 KB
Technical Notes & Articles
Description Version Size
Description of WLCSP for microcontrollers and recommendations for its use 4.0 1 MB
User Manuals
Description Version Size
Configuration and programming software (CAPS) tool for STR9 families 2.3 2 MB
STR9 Flash extension 2.3 240 KB
STR9 LCD extension board 2.2 298 KB
STR91xFA MAC/DMA controller (ENET) firmware library 2.4 514 KB
STR91xFA firmware library 4.3 2 MB
Reference Manuals
Description Version Size
STR91xFA ARM9® - based microcontroller family 4.2 5 MB
Programming Manuals
Description Version Size
STR91xFA Flash programming manual 5.3 561 KB
Errata Sheets
Description Version Size
STR91xFA limitations and corrections 7.2 214 KB

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