4-Kbit Dynamic NFC/RFID tag NFC forum Type 4 with I2C interface and password protection

M24SR04 belongs to the ST25 family which includes all STMicroelectronics NFC/RFID tag and reader products.

The M24SR04 devices is a dynamic NFC/RFID tag IC with a dual interface. It embeds an EEPROM memory. It can be operated from an I2C interface or by a 13.56 MHz RFID reader or an NFC phone.

The I2C interface uses a two-wire serial interface, consisting of a bidirectional data line and a clock line. It behaves as a slave in the I2C protocol.

The RF protocol is compatible with ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and NFC Forum Type 4 Tag.

Key Features

  • I2 C interface
    • Two-wire I2 C serial interface supports 1 MHz protocol
    • Single supply voltage:
      • 2.7 V to 5.5 V for grade Y
      • 2.4 V to 5.5 V for grade G (Limited temperature range -25 to 85 °C)
  • Contactless interface
    • NFC Forum Type 4 Tag
    • ISO/IEC 14443 Type A
    • 106 Kbps data rate
    • Internal tuning capacitance: 25 pF
  • Memory
    • 512-byte (4-kbit) EEPROM
    • Support of NDEF data structure
    • Data retention: 200 years
    • Write cycle endurance:
      • 1 million Write cycles at 25 °C
      • 600k Write cycles at 85 °C
    • Read up to 246 bytes in a single command
    • Write up to 246 bytes in a single command
    • 7 bytes unique identifier (UID)
    • 128 bits passwords protection
  • Package
    • 8-lead small-outline package (SO8) ECOPACK2®
  • Digital pad
    • GPO: configurable General Purpose Output
    • RF disable: activation/deactivation of RF commands
  • Temperature range
    • From - 40 °C up to 85 °C


Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
Description Version Size
DS9725 DS9725: Dynamic NFC/RFID tag IC with 4-Kbit EEPROM, NFC Forum Type 4 Tag and I²C interface 16.0 1 MB
Application Notes
Description Version Size
AN4430 AN4430: Designing an NFC Android Application for M24SR and M24LR devices 1.0 865 KB
AN4430 AN4430: Designing an NFC Android Application for M24SR and M24LR devices 1.1 864 KB
AN2972 AN2972: How to design an antenna for dynamic NFC tags 7.0 2 MB
AN4421 AN4421: Migrating from M24LR to M24SR series 1.1 166 KB
AN4433 AN4433: Storing data into the NDEF memory of M24SR 2.0 507 KB
AN4409 AN4409: Using the same antenna for M24LRXXE-R and M24SRXX-Y Dual Interface EEPROM families 1.1 202 KB

HW Model, CAD Libraries & SVD

HW Model, CAD Libraries & SVD
Description Version Size
IBIS model for M24SR series 1.0 312 KB

Presentations & Training Material

Description Version Size
M24SR series overview 2.0 1 MB

Publications and Collaterals

Description Version Size
NFC / RFID tags M24SR series 2.0 1 MB
Description Version Size
NFC solutions from ST 1.0 3 MB

Tools and Software

STM32 Open Development Environment
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MCUs Embedded Software
ST25 - NFC / RFID Software
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M24SR04-GSG12I/2 GOLD BUMPED DICE Not Applicable Active - - NEC EAR99 - MORE INFO No availability reported, please contact our Sales office

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Quality & Reliability

Part Number Marketing Status Package Grade RoHS Compliance Grade Material Declaration**
M24SR04-GSG12I/2 ActiveGOLD BUMPED DICEIndustrialN/A 0 0
M24SR04-GMC5T/2 ActiveUFDFPN 8 2x3x0.6IndustrialEcopack2 0 0

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