Highest power-conversion efficiency for next-generation 48 V datacenters

ST is implementing direct digital power conversion from 48 V with the introduction of three new high-performance power conversion ICs to support the complete range of datacenter applications.
Next-generation direct digital power conversion from 48 V eliminates intermediate conversion stages to minimize power loss in datacenters from power distribution and reduce space, cooling requirements and cost.
The three new ICs meet the requirements of the new 48 V architecture announced by Google and are fully compliant with Intel’s VR12.5 (Haswell and Broadwell), VR13 (Skylake) and DDR3/4 voltage-regulation specifications, and all FPGAs and ASICs for datacenter applications.

Main characteristics:

Fully Isolated resonant direct conversion

  • from 48V to VCORE(1.xV) / VDDR(1.2V) / VSOC(1V) / VIBC(12V, 5V, 3.3V)


  • ZVS and ZCS at any Vin [36V – 72V] and Vout [1.xV – 12V]
  • Energy proportional management

Scalability and flexibility

  • Scalability according to the power demand
  • Variable Frequency in CCM and DCM
  • Any digital load (high bandwidth)
  • PMBus AVS 1.3 support

High power density, telemetry, auto-tuning

  • >160 W / inch2
  • Fully configurable and accessible through PMBus™
  • Minimized time and effort for compensation (optimizing application design time)

48 V Direct Power Conversion

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