ST’s portfolio of battery management ICs includes:
  • Battery monitoring fuel gauge ICs combining a small footprint with outstanding measurement accuracy (voltage, current and temperature) and extremely low power consumption to increase battery runtime and lifespan in mobile phones, multimedia players, digital cameras, and other space-constrained portable gadgets
  • Battery chargers that offer charge currents from as little as 200 mA up to 1.2 A and that can be used for any rechargeable chemistry lithium-ion battery
  • EnFilm™ thin-film rechargeable solid-state batteries featuring fast recharge and long life cycle

STC3115 delivers truly accurate, long-term fuel-gauging

This tiny chip, the STC3115, can be used in high-volume handheld electronics, and has already been selected by Samsung for some of its recent smartphones. Battery charge indicators, – or fuel gauges, - have become essential for managing devices such as smartphones, laptops or digital cameras. To enhance fuel-gauging accuracy, ST has combined several important advances in its latest adaptive fuel-gauge IC, the STC3115. The STC3115 uses both sets of measurements continuously, with OptimGauge™, an adaptive algorithm that tracks the state of charge and corrects the battery model.

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