ST's digital multi-phase controllers provide complete power conversion control systems for Intel’s CPU, DDR memory and VCCIO/VMCP power supply requirements.

  • Intel Server VR12, VR12.5 and VR13™ compliant
  • Fully configurable through PM bus and SVID commands
  • Fully digital PWM solutions with 6+1, 4+1, 3+1 and 1+1 phase operation
  • STVCOT™ guarantees ultra-fast transient response, fixed frequency operation in steady state, very high efficiency at light load conditions and easy fine tuning.
  • Telemetry output from digital controller sends key parameters for GUI display (Power In, Power Out, Vin, Vout, Temperature)
  • Embedded non-volatile memory stores configuration parameters and enables Black Box Recorder functionality
  • Auto-tuning compensation network simplifies application evaluation of the devices and compensates for drift due to system aging.
  • Compact solutions minimize PCB space and cost with external or integrated MOSFET drivers
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