Low-voltage 16-bit constant current LED sink driver with outputs error detection

The STP16DP05 is a monolithic, low voltage, low current power 16-bit shift register designed for LED panel displays. The device contains a 16-bit serial-in, parallel-out shift register that feeds a16-bit D-type storage register. In the output stage, sixteen regulated current sources were designed to provide 5-100 mA constant current to drive the LEDs. The STP16DP05 features open and short LED detections on the outputs.The STP16DP05 is backward compatible with STP16C/L596.The detection circuit checks 3 different conditions that can occur on the output line: short to GND, short to VO or open line. The data detection results are loaded in the shift register and shifted out via the serial line output. The detection functionality is implemented without increasing the pin count number, through a secondary function of the output enable and latch pin (DM1 and DM2 respectively), a dedicated logic sequence allows the device to enter or leave from detection mode. Through an external resistor, users can adjust the STP16DP05 output current, controlling in this way the light intensity of LEDs, in addition, user can adjust LED’s brightness intensity from 0% to 100% via OE/DM2pin. The STP16DP05 guarantees a 20 V output driving capability, allowing users to connect more LEDs in series. The high clock frequency,30 MHz, makes the device suitable for high data rate transmission. The 3.3 V voltage supply is well useful for applications that interface any 3.3V micro . Compared with a standard TSSOP package, the TSSOP exposed pad increases heat dissipation capability by a 2.5 factor.

Key Features

  • Low voltage power supply down to 3 V
  • 16 constant current output channels
  • Adjustable output current through external resistor
  • Short and open output error detection
  • Serial data IN/Parallel data OUT
  • 3.3 V micro driver-able
  • Output current: 5-100 mA
  • 30 MHz clock frequency
  • Available in high thermal efficiency TSSOP exposed pad
  • ESD protection 2.5 kV HBM, 200 V MM

Circuit Diagram

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Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
Description Version Size
DS5048 DS5048: Low voltage 16-bit constant current LED sink driver with outputs error detection 7.0 583 KB
Application Notes
Description Version Size
AN3981 AN3981: LED array drivers 1.1 3 MB
AN2478 AN2478: STP08DP05, STP16DP05 Normal mode and error detection features 3.2 1 MB

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Brochure Power management guide 09.2017 3 MB
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STP16DP05TTR Active 1000 0.673 TSSOP 24 Tape And Reel -40 125 NEC EAR99 PHILIPPINES MORE INFO Get Sample Add to cart DISTRIBUTOR AVAILABILITY
STP16DP05XTTR Active 1000 0.716 HTSSOP24 Tape And Reel -40 125 NEC EAR99 PHILIPPINES MORE INFO Get Sample Add to cart DISTRIBUTOR AVAILABILITY
STP16DP05MTR Active 1000 0.723 SO-24 Tape And Reel -40 125 NEC EAR99 MALAYSIA MORE INFO Get Sample Add to cart DISTRIBUTOR AVAILABILITY

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STP16DP05TTR ActiveTSSOP 24IndustrialEcopack2 0 0
STP16DP05XTTR ActiveHTSSOP24IndustrialEcopack2
STP16DP05PTR ActiveQSOP24IndustrialEcopack1 (*)
STP16DP05MTR ActiveSO-24IndustrialEcopack1

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