With breakdown voltages ranging from 350 V to 1300 V, ST’s IGBTs feature the optimal trade-off between switching performance and on-state behavior due to their proprietary technology, delivering greater all-around energy-efficient system designs in applications such as motor control, photovoltaic, UPS, automotive, induction heating, welding, lighting and others.

Some of the highlights of our IGBT portfolio are as follows:

  • Low VCE(SAT) for reduced conduction losses
  • Improved switch-off energy spread versus increasing temperature resulting in reduced switching losses
  • Tight parameter distribution for design simplification and easy paralleling
  • Co-packaged tailored anti-parallel diode option for improved power dissipation and best thermal management

These IGBTs are based on both standard punch-through technology, ideal for white goods, and the newly introduced trench-gate field-stop technology which enables extremely fast turn-off times with minimal tail currents, stable behavior over temperature, and a low VCE(SAT) that, coupled with the positive derating with temperature, improves the applications’ efficiency.

1200 V IGBT S series

Optimized for use in low-frequency (up to 8 kHz), hard-switching topologies, ST’s S series of 1200 V IGBTs feature the industry’s lowest V CE(sat) among 1200 V IGBTs currently on the market. Based on ST’s third-generation of trench-gate field-stop technology, they increase the efficiency of power supplies, welders and industrial motor drive applications thanks to the optimal trade-off between conduction and switching performance combined with outstanding robustness and EMI characteristics. Available in 15 A, 25 A and 40 A current ratings, they feature a 175°C maximum operating junction temperature, a 10 µs min short-circuit withstand time and a wide safe operating area (SOA).