ST’s MDmesh MOSFETs with a breakdown voltage greater than 700 V offer very low Qg and low R DS(on) down to 299 mΩ (at 900 V) in the TO-220 and 900 mΩ (at 1500 V) in the TO-247.
Specific voltages available include 800 V, 850 V, 900 V, 950 V, 1050 V, 1200 V and 1500 V.
These MOSFETs help simplify the design and increase the efficiency in applications such as SMPS, monitor and TV adapters, auxiliary power supplies, battery chargers, medical, UPS, metering, micro-inverters,  LED drivers and HF ballasts.
Available packages include: DPAK, IPAK, D2PAK, H2PAK, I2PAK, I2PAKFP, Max247, ISOTOP, SO8, SOT-223, TO-220, TO-247, TO-247-4, TO-3PF and PowerFLAT 5x6 VHV.

1200 V MDmesh K5 power MOSFETs

ST’s MDmesh K5 series of super-junction MOSFETs has been extended with the introduction of 1200 V devices ensuring a higher safety margin for more robust and reliable applications. Ideal for welding, 3-phase SMPS, solar-micro inverters and lighting applications, they feature the industry’s best figure of merit (FoM) thanks to the low on-resistance (down to 0.69 Ω in the TO-220 package) combined with ultra-low gate charge (44.2 nC).