ST’s MDmesh MOSFETs with a breakdown voltage range from 400 V to 650 V offer extremely low R DS(on) down to 15 mΩ (650 V)  in the Max-247.
MDmesh M5 series: outstanding R DS(on) values to significantly reduce power losses in high-power PFC circuits, power supplies and solar inverters.
MDmesh M2 series: featuring an optimized trade-off between R DS(on) and capacitance profiles  for soft-switching topologies. 
MDmesh DM2 series: ST’s latest fast recovery diode series optimized for full-bridge phase-shifted ZVS topologies. The series also includes AEC-Q101-qualified 400 V, 500 V, 600 V and 650 V devices featuring a softer commutation behavior.

These MOSFETs are available in miniature and high power packages: DPAK,IPAK, D2PAK, H2PAK, I2PAK, I2PAKFP, Max247, ISOTOP, SO8, SOT-223, TO-220, TO-247, TO-247-4, TO-3PF and PowerFLAT family (3.3x3.3, 5x5, 5x6 HV, 8x8 HV).

New 650 V MDmesh M2 power MOSFETs

The M2 series of super-junction MOSFETs has been extended with the introduction of  650 V devices ensuring a higher safety margin for more robust and reliable applications. The low on-resistance (down to 0.36Ω in the TO-220 package) combined with low gate charge and input/output capacitances enable highly-efficient adapters, solar micro-inverters and lighting applications.