ST's automotive dataline ESD protection devices are monolithic transient voltage suppressors or application-specific discrete devices that guard against surges defined in ISO 7637-2 and against ESD according to IEC 61000-4-2 and ISO 10605. They protect components connected to data and transmission lines in applications such as automotive infotainment, navigation, communication and audio and video systems.

They offer:

  • Standard CANbus, LINbus, and FLEXray automotive interfaces
  • Flexibility in packaging and integration options
  • ST’s advanced expertise in ESD protection for communication systems such as audio/visual and infotainment applications

Produced using automotive-grade processes and qualified to AEC-Q101, they are identified with the Y extension in the part number for the automotive version of the given protection device.

Dual-channel, bidirectional ESD protection for CAN and CAN-FD interfaces

After a first generation housed in an SOT23-3L package, ST is now offering new devices that ensure robust ESD protection for automotive CAN bus lines in the SOT323-3L package – 40% smaller – with a line capacitance of 3.5 pF (vs 30 pF), and a voltage range from 24 to 37 V.  All ST’s ESDCAN devices work up to 175 °C and sustain up to 30 kV ISO 10605 as well as ISO 7637 surges. The series extension includes 36 V (V RM) products –  ESDCAN05-2BWY and  ESDCAN06-2BWY – that are compatible with 24 V systems used in trucks.