ST provides an exhaustive offer of NFC products and solutions including ST21NFC state-of-the-art Controller and ST54 System in Package, integrating the widely deployed ST33 Secure Element, to address secure mobile transaction applications

Key benefits include:
    - Pre-certified for most of payment and transit schemes including EMVCo, PBOC, Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, and MIFARE® allowing customers to easily and quickly ensure security in mobile transactions
    - A complete development ecosystem including reference designs, expansion boards, pre-certification services and integration into the most popular TSMs to help reduce the time to market as well as development costs.


New NFC controller and eSE solution with improved interoperability and antenna reduction

Our new NFC controller ST21NFCD and NFC SiP including eSE and OS ST54F / ST54H offers improved interoperability on multiple transport infrastructures, including P2P, providing a much better user experience.

Capable of performing active transactions with extreme low power consumption, even while waiting for a transaction in Field Detection mode, this solution ensures very smooth and faster transactions as an easy integration for wearables and other portable applications.

Due to a new antenna design, integration is facilitated, the bill of materials is reduced and the PCB footprint is smaller.

Other advantages for designers include a comprehensive development ecosystem and pre-certification services which help reduce time to market as well as development costs.

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