Brand protection, Internet of Things, and smart grid solutions require the development of secure systems in order to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of manufacturers, service providers and user assets.
To address threats to the connected world, the STSAFE-A and KERKEY families of secure elements accompany an application processor and offer security countermeasures against user data corruption and device counterfeiting or malfunction as well as unwanted service and network access.

Running on a Common Criteria EAL5+ platform, STSAFE-A is a highly secure authentication solution whose security is certified by independent parties. Its command set is tailored to address strong authentication, establish a secure channel in the scope of a TLS session, verify signatures, and offer secure storage as well as decrement counters for usage monitoring. It is particularly well suited for applications heavily exposed to fraud and counterfeiting attacks such as printers, game controllers, phone accessories, and Internet of Things networks or devices.

The KERKEY solution, based on a Java platform, offers flexibility to cover the security services on gateways or concentrators.

ST offers customers, developers or service providers who are not experts in security, or do not wish to spend time on it, a seamless way to secure their environment through a comprehensive solution encompassing:
    • an internally-developed secure operating system running on a secure MCU,
    • example codes and libraries to be embedded in the application microcontrollers,
    • and personalization services for the trusted storage of secrets

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