SIP (ST21NFCD controller & ST33G1M2 Secure Element)

The ST54F is an all-in-one solution including ST21NFCD NFC controller and ST33G1M2 or ST33I1M2 Secure Element with the highest security level (EAL6+ and EMVCo certified hardware).

Fully manufactured in a secure environment, the ST33 provides the highest performance levels thanks to its ARM® SC300® core.

The 64-ball WFBGA (4 x 4 x 0.8 mm) ECOPACK® package provides a reduced footprint and pin-to-pin compatibility with the STMicroelectronics NFC standalone solution. There is no internal direct connection between the two devices inside the package.

A complete range of memory sizes up to 2048 Kbyte (depending on profile) of non-volatile Flash memory is available on the Secure Element.

In order to meet environmental requirements, ST offers these devices in different grades of ECOPACK® packages, depending on their level of environmental compliance. ECOPACK® specifications, grade definitions and product status are available at: ECOPACK® is an ST trademark.

Key Features

  • SIP (system-in-package) with ST21NFCD controller and ST33G1M2 or ST33I1M2 32-bit secure microcontroller for eUICC / eSE applications
  • NFC controller
    • ARM® Cortex®-M3 microcontroller
    • eFlash for full firmware update
    • Enhanced Active load modulation technology
    • Enhanced TX drive up to 1.3 W
    • Compatible with extremely small or metal frame antennas
    • Optimized power consumption modes
    • Battery voltage monitoring
    • System clock
      • FracN PLL input range from 13 to 76.8 MHz
      • 27.12 MHz external crystal oscillator
    • Automatic Wake-Up via communication interfaces, internal timers, GPIO, RF field or tag detection
    • Support of an external DC/DC converter for TX supply
  • RF communications
    • Active and passive Peer-to-Peer
      • ISO/IEC 18092 - NFCIP-1 Initiator & Target
    • Passive mode – Reader/Writer
      • NFC Forum Type 1/2/3/4/5 tags
      • ISO/IEC 15693
      • MIFARE® Classic12
      • Thinfilm (ex Kovio) Barcode
    • Active mode – Card Emulation
      • ISO/IEC 14443 Type A & B
      • JIS X 6319 – 4
      • MIFARE® Classic(a)(b) through SWP-CLT
  • External communication interfaces
    • Two SWP master interfaces up to 1.695 Mbit/s
    • I2C slave interface up to 3.4 MHz
    • Slave and master SPI interface up to 13 MHz
    • HSUART interface up to 6 Mbit/s
  • Secure microcontroller
    • ARM® SecurCore® SC300™ 32-bit RISC core
    • 1280 Kbytes of Flash memory available
    • 30 Kbytes of RAM
    • ISO/IEC 7816-3 interface for T=0 and T=1 protocols (master/slave mode)
    • Single wire protocol (SWP) Interface for communications with NFC router
    • SPI master/slave interface
  • Secure operating system
    • Supports state of the art Secure Element operating systems:
    • JavaCard™ 3.0.4 Classical Edition
    • GlobalPlatform™ 2.2.1 with Amendments A,C,D and E
    • EMVCo™ certification
  • Electrical characteristics
    • Battery voltage support from 2.4 V to 5 V
    • I/O dedicated voltage level (VPS_IO) from 1.62 V to 3.3 V
    • Supports Class B and C operating conditions for UICC
    • Ambient operating temperature -25 to + 85 °C
  • Applications
    • Mobile devices
    • Wearable devices
    • SmartWatch
    • Secure Connected Devices


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Product Specifications
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DB3194 DB3194: NFC controller and Secure Element system-in-package 2.0 143 KB

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ST54F ActiveCDIP 24 .610 S/BIndustrialN/A

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