Our portfolio of Bluetooth Smart solutions includes both network and application processors in QFN-32 or WLCSP-34 miniaturized packages.

In particular, ST’s proprietary BlueCore technology – powered by the embedded ST Bluetooth low-energy master and slave certified stack - features ultra-low power consumption together with an excellent RF link budget for robust and reliable connectivity. The optimized radio front-end and the efficient power management architecture will extend battery life from months to years. The on-chip non-volatile memory enables an easy and quick firmware upgrade, including in-the-field over-the-air (OTA) upgradability.

ST modules for Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Classic technologies – based on our device portfolio and equipped with on-board antenna, crystal and balun – offer a proven, robust and quick time-to-market solution. They come with the embedded Bluetooth stack to provide a BQE end product qualified solution that is also fully RF, ETSI, IC and FCC certified, thus ensuring rapid integration into the final application and providing an easy-to-use solution.

Our ICs and modules are supported by an extensive set of evaluation boards, software development kits, application notes and design guidelines – thus facilitating the adoption of Bluetooth wireless connectivity technology into a wide variety of application segments.

BlueNRG-1 System on Chip delivers low power consumption and radio-connection reliability

The BlueNRG-1 single-core SoC, based on a  32MHz 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0, enables you to forge Bluetooth Smart applications with prolonged battery lifetime, minimizing overall cost and time-to-market. Its compliancy with the BLE specification v4.2 and the embedded AES-128 and ECC-256 crypto engines enable top-notch security and privacy. The wide set of peripherals, easy code upgradability, the extended temperature range (up to 105 °C) and the premium +8 dBm output power represent a unique recipe for uncompromised performance. The innovative ultra-low-power design includes support for fast wake-up and sleep transitions and unrivalled sub-1μA standby current. The device comes with a brand new SDK and a sensorized development board for quick application prototyping. The BlueNRG-1 comes in both QFN-32 or WLCSP-34 packages.