ST’s RF down-converters are designed to comply with the high performance requirements of cellular base stations, and are flexible, highly-integrated and cost-effective one-chip alternatives to discrete solutions.

The STw8210xB family is available in four frequency variants covering the most common wireless standards, in a spectrum from 700 MHz to 2.7 GHz.

Each device in the STw8210xB family includes the RF down-mixer, the IF amplifier and the RF synthesizer with voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) in 7x7 QFN 44 package.

Benefits are:

  • High level of integration
  • Performance (high input linearity, 8 dB conversion gain, a NF of 10.5 dB, excellent spurious “performance”)
  • Flexibility:
    • Can be used on receiver section where the STw8210xB can be configured to offer a dedicated LO frequency generator per each antenna path
    • Can be set in a master/slave configuration for more traditional antenna diversity scheme
    • Can be used on transmit loopback, where also customer design can profit from its excellent gain flatness and the integrated 10-bit DAC to drive external PIN diode for an optimal signal level calibration


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