4x50W low voltage operation PWM digital input power amplifier with I2C diagnostics

The FDA450LV is a new BCD- SOI (silicon on insulation) technology QUAD BRIDGE class D amplifier, specially intended for car radio applications.

Thanks to the technology used, it is possible to integrate a high performance D/A converter together with powerful MOSFET outputs in class D, to get an outstanding efficiency compared with the standard class AB.

The integrated D/A converter allows to reach outstanding performances (110 dB S/N ratio with 108 dB of dynamic range). The feedback loop includes the output L-C low-pass filter, allowing superior frequency response linearity and lower distortion independently of the inductor and capacitor quality.

FDA450LV is fully configurable through I2C bus interface and integrates a full diagnostics array specially intended for automotive applications.

Thanks to the solutions implemented to solve the EMI problems, the device is conceived to be used in the standard single DIN car-radio box together with the tuner.

The possibility to parallelize the outputs allows to drive both 2 Ω and 1 Ω speakers.

Moreover FDA450LV is able to work with power supply as low as 6 V, thus supporting the most recent low voltage ('start-stop') car-makers specification.

Key Features

  • Integrated 108 dB D/A conversion
  • I2 S and TDM digital input (3.3/1.8 V)
  • Input sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz, 192 kHz
  • MOSFET power outputs
  • EMI control for FM/AM compatibility
  • EMI compliance at the CEI EN 55025 (2009-10)
  • Dithering possibility
  • Very low external component count filter
  • Output lowpass filter included in the feedback
  • Low radiation function (LRF)
  • Max. output power
    • 4 x 50 W/4 Ω @ 15.2 V, 1 kHz
  • High output power capability
    • 28 W/4 Ω 10 % THD, Vd = 14.4 V
  • Full I2 C bus driving (3.3/1.8 V):
    • Independent front/rear soft play/ mute
    • I2 C bus diagnostics (including DC and AC load detection, test signal internally generated)
  • Very flexible fault detection though integrated diagnostic
  • Offset detector (play or mute mode)
  • Four independent short circuit protection
  • Clipping detector
  • C-MOS compatible enable pin (3.3/5 V)
  • ESD protection
  • 6 V operation (“Start - Stop”)



Description バージョン サイズ
DB1996 DB1996: 4 x 50 W PWM digital input power amplifier with built-in diagnostics features and low voltage operation 2.1 224 KB

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FDA450LV Active 1000 9 TQFP 100 14x14x1.0 Tray NEC EAR99 MALAYSIA MORE INFO No availability reported, please contact our Sales office
FDA450LV-T Active 1000 9 TQFP 100 14x14x1.0 Tape And Reel NEC EAR99 MALAYSIA MORE INFO No availability reported, please contact our Sales office

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FDA450LV アクティブTQFP 100 14x14x1.0自動車Ecopack2 0
FDA450LV-T アクティブTQFP 100 14x14x1.0自動車Ecopack2 0

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