32-bit Power Architecture MCU for Automotive Chassis and Safety Applications

This 32-bit system-on-chip (SoC) automotive microcontroller family is the latest achievement in integrated automotive application controllers. It belongs to an expanding range of automotive-focused products designed to address chassis applications—specifically, electrical hydraulic power steering (EHPS) and electric power steering (EPS)—as well as airbag applications.

Key Features

  • 64 MHz, single issue, 32-bit CPU core complex (e200z0h)
    • Compliant with Power Architecture® embedded category
    • Variable Length Encoding (VLE)
  • Memory organization
    • Up to 512 KB on-chip code flash memory with ECC and erase/program controller
    • Additional 64 (4 × 16) KB on-chip data flash memory with ECC for EEPROM emulation
    • Up to 40 KB on-chip SRAM with ECC
  • Fail safe protection
    • Programmable watchdog timer
    • Non-maskable interrupt
    • Fault collection unit
  • Nexus L2+ interface
  • Interrupts
    • 16-channel eDMA controller
    • 16 priority level controller
  • General purpose I/Os individually programmable as input, output or special function
  • 2 general purpose eTimer units
    • 6 timers each with up/down count capabilities
    • 16-bit resolution, cascadable counters
    • Quadrature decode with rotation direction flag
    • Double buffer input capture and output compare
  • Communications interfaces
    • 2 LINFlex channels (LIN 2.1)
    • 4 DSPI channels with automatic chip select generation
    • 1 FlexCAN interface (2.0B Active) with 32 message objects
    • 1 safety port based on FlexCAN with 32 message objects and up to 7.5 Mbit/s capability; usable as second CAN when not used as safety port
    • 1 FlexRay™ module (V2.1) with selectable dual or single channel support, 32 message objects and up to 10 Mbit/s (512 KB device only)
  • Two 10-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADC)
    • 2 × 11 input channels, + 4 shared channels
    • Conversion time < 1 μs including sampling time at full precision
    • Programmable ADC Cross Triggering Unit (CTU)
    • 4 analog watchdogs with interrupt capability
  • On-chip CAN/UART bootstrap loader with Boot Assist Module (BAM)
  • 1 FlexPWM unit: 8 complementary or independent outputs with ADC synchronization signals


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Description バージョン サイズ
32-bit Power Architecture® based MCU with 576 KB Flash memory and 40 KB SRAM for automotive chassis and safety applications 9.0 982 KB
32-bit Power Architecture™ based MCU for chassis & safety applications 6.0 333 KB
Description バージョン サイズ
Analyzing flash accesses with Lauterbach Trace32 5.0 556 KB
ECC management on SPC560x 2.1 546 KB
Flash Programming for SPC560xx,RPC560xx, SPC56APxx, RPC56APxx and SPC563M64xx devices 3.0 322 KB
Flash programming through Nexus/JTAG 3.0 999 KB
Hardware design guideline power supply and voltage measurement 3.0 1 MB
LQFP144 pinout compatibility analysis SPC560Px / SPC56EL60 2.0 567 KB
SPC560Pxx, SPC56APxx, RPC56APxx power up HW guideline 3.0 283 KB
SPC560Pxx/SPC56APxx HW design guideline 3.1 313 KB
SPC564Axx/RPC564Axx/SPC56ELxx/RPC56ELxx devices Exception handling and single/double bit error 3.0 316 KB
Shrinking the AUTOSAR OS: code size and performance optimizations 2.0 87 KB
Technical Notes & Articles
Description バージョン サイズ
TVDD ratings for SPC560P44Lx,SPC560P50Lx microcontrollers datasheet addendum 2.0 49 KB
Description バージョン サイズ
Standard software driver for C90LC Flash 2.3 949 KB
Variable-Length Encoding (VLE) extension -programming interface manual 1.3 421 KB
uTester 1.0 2 MB
Description バージョン サイズ
32-bit MCU family built on the Power Architecture® embedded category for automotive chassis and safety electronics applications 8.0 21 MB
Programmer's reference manual for Book E processors 2.0 24 MB
Errata Sheets
Description バージョン サイズ
SPC560P50/SPC560P44 device errata JTAG_ID = 0x5AE2_1041 3.0 300 KB
SPC560P50x, SPC560P44x devices errata JTAG_ID = 0x6AE2_1041 4.0 570 KB

プレゼンテーション & トレーニング資料

Description バージョン サイズ
SPC5 32-bit microcontroller Series featuring Power Architecture 2 MB
SPC5 Family Overview October 2015 2 MB

Publications and Collaterals

Description バージョン サイズ
All you need to drive SPC56 32-bit power architecture MCUs 1.0 2 MB
Driving Electromobility 1.0 1 MB
Driving innovation 2.1 348 KB

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SPC560P44L5CEFAR Active Tape And Reel 64 64 - -40 125 5.18 1000 NEC 3A991A2 MALTA MORE INFO No availability reported, please contact our Sales office

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SPC560P44L5CEFAR アクティブLQFP 144 20x20x1.4自動車Ecopack2

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