STは、放送およびインターネットによるデータ受信向けに、DOCSIS 2+に対応したものを含む、DVB-CおよびQAMケーブル・デモジュレータICを提供しています。

STiD12 series of DOCSIS 3.0 front-end SoCs

ST delivers a complete, certified DOCSIS 3.0 solution including full-band tuner front-end, gateway SoC, and software integrated in an optimized reference design, which combines high performance and low power consumption, and is ready for immediate market deployment.

The STiD12 series of front-end DOCSIS 3.0 enabled SoCs provide an easy to offer content and internet data services to a variety of connected home entertainment platforms. The high data-rates supported by DOCSIS 3.0 enable cable set-top boxes and home gateways to deliver video and internet data  services over a single network, and support the simultaneous use of multiple connected devices, such as smart televisions, DVRs, tablets, smartphones and games consoles.

The 12-channel STiD125 and 16-channel STiD127 are optimized for set-top boxes or headed gateway front-ends, while the 16-channel STiD128 targets cable modems and data gateways including headed gateway front-ends.