• STM8S:メインストリー・マイコン
  • STM8L:超低消費電力マイコン
  • STM8AFおよびSTM8AL:車載用マイコン

Selecting the right ST MCU was never so easy

Selecting the right ST MCU was never so easy.

The ST MCU Finder is a free app for smartphones and tablets, guiding you through the portfolio of more than 700 STM32 and STM8 MCUs, to select the best fit for your application

The selection results can be shared and technical features and documentation can be instantly accessed.

An integrated feed provides up-to-date worldwide and local news around STM32 and STM8 MCUs

Supported languages are English, Chinese and Japanese.

The ST MCU Finder is currently available on GooglePlay, AppStore and Windows Store

STM8AF automotive MCUs with CAN

For space constrained applications

STM8AF5286 and STM8AF52A6 automotive CAN and LIN line 8-bit MCUs are new members of ST's automotive MCU portfolio to serve space-constrained modules connected to a CAN bus. Up to 2 Kbytes of on-board true data EEPROM with an endurance of 300k cycles, removing overhead for EEPROM emulation. You can start evaluating these new devices now with the STM8A-DISCOVERY kit.

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