• 小さなフットプリントと優れた測定精度(電圧、電流、および温度)および超低消費電力を組み合わせることで、携帯電話やマルチメディア・プレーヤ、デジタル・カメラ、およびその他のスペースに制約のある携帯型機器に使用するバッテリの持続時間と寿命を延ばす、バッテリ・モニタ燃料ゲージIC
  • 200 mA~1.2 Aの充電電流を供給し、充電可能なあらゆる化学リチウムイオン・バッテリに使用できるバッテリ充電器
  • 高速充電可能でライフ・サイクルが長いEnFilm™薄膜充電可能固体バッテリ

Li-Ion linear charger with load switches and smart reset generator

The STBC02 and STBC03 battery-charger management chips improve integration without compromising performance and power consumption. They combine a linear battery charger, a 150 mA LDO, two SPDT switches and a Protection Circuit Module for the battery. Moreover, the STBC02 features a digital single wire interface and a smart reset/watchdog function.

In addition to a shipping mode that maximizes battery life during the end product’s shelf life, both devices feature a charger enable input to stop the charging process anytime and are automatically powered by the connected battery when the IN pin is not connected to a valid power source (battery mode).

The STBC02/03 offers the perfect solution for wearable and IoT markets, reducing the application cost, footprint and design time.

STC3117 provides high accurate battery monitoring

The STC3117 is a gas gauge IC with battery charger control for handheld applications. It includes the ST’s Patented OptimGauge™ algorithm for accurate battery capacity calculation. 

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