Monolithic power management for high definition ODD with true shut-down, reset, and programmable step-up voltage

The STODD01 is a complete power management for Blu-Ray, based on high density optical storage devices. It integrates two step-down converters and one step-up. The step-down converters are optimized for powering low-voltage digital core, up to 0.8 A, in ODD applications and, generally, to replace the high current linear solution when power dissipation may cause a high heating of the application environment. The step-up provides the necessary voltage to supply the blue laser in mobile applications where only 5 V is available. The output voltage is programmable by using the S-Wire protocol, in the range of 6.5 V to 14 V, with a current capability of 0.7 A. The integrated low RDSonfor N-channel and P-channel MOSFET switches contribute to obtaining high efficiency. The enable function for the step-up section, and reset function for monitoring the input voltage, make the device particularly suitable for optical storage applications. The high switching frequency (1.2 MHz typ.) allows the use of tiny surface mounted components. Furthermore, a low output ripple is achieved by the current mode PWM topology and by the use of X7R or X5R low ESR SMD ceramic capacitors. The device includes soft-start control, thermal shutdown, and peak current limit, to prevent damage due to accidental overload. The STODD01 is packaged in QFN16 (4 x 4 mm.).

Key Features

  • 1.2 MHz DC-DC current mode PWM converter
  • Dual step-down of up to 800 mA
  • Single step-up of up to 700 mA
  • 2 % DC output voltage tolerance for step-down
  • 3 % DC output voltage tolerance for step-up
  • Programmable step-up output voltage by S-WIRE
  • Synchronous rectification
  • Power save mode at light load for step-down
  • Typical efficiency: > 90 %
  • Internal soft start with controlled inrush current
  • Reset function
  • Enable function for step-up
  • True cut-off function for step-up
  • Low switching quiescent current: max 2.2 mA overtemperature range
  • Uses tiny capacitors and inductors
  • Available in QFN16 (4 x 4 mm.)


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DS6918 DS6918: Monolithic power management for high definition ODD with true shut-down, reset, and programmable step-up voltage 2.1 1 MB
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AN3302 AN3302: Monolithic power management for high definition ODD with true shutdown, reset, and programmable step-up voltage 1.1 808 KB

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Brochure Power management guide 09.2017 3 MB
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