ST’s banking product family offers a complete portfolio of contact, dual interface and contactless (ISO/IEC 18092 and ISO/IEC 14443 Types A, B and B’) ST23 and ST31  secure microcontrollers to support SDA or DDA markets as well as emerging wearable applications.
Having supplied the market’s most advanced technologies and solutions for over 20 years, ST has solid references in the banking industry which helps explains why we have sold more than 2 billion secure MCU-based banking cards around the world.

Our STPay system-on-chip solution offers a comprehensive range of “ready-to-use” banking solutions, including Static Java, Dynamic Java and Multos OS -based solutions, covering a wide range of payment applications such as Visa, Mastercard, CUP, Amex, Discover, JCB, CPA and many other domestic brands.

To ensure a quick set-up of the personalization line, STPay products are compliant with EMV Card Personalization Specifications (CPS), which have been validated and supported by major personalization equipment suppliers such as Datacard (part of the CPV program), and support our certified libraries including MIFARE® Classic®, MIFARE® Plus® and MIFARE® DESFire®.

具有Entrust Datacard®的STPay EMV智能卡解决方案

意法半导体和Entrust Datacard在卡验证计划(CVP)中开展了全面合作。该计划由Entrust Datacard创立,使ST能够在全面实施之前验证其STPay系列EMV智能卡与Entrust Datacard的个性化解决方案的兼容性;不但节省时间,还降低了不兼容性问题可能造成额外成本的风险。

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