Dual interface / Calypso revision 3.1 with 4,8 or 18KB EEPROM

The CD21-Rev3 is a cost-effective, dual-interface (contact and contactless) secure microcontroller specifically designed for public transport applications, providing a high level of security, high speed transactions and easy capabilities of evolution for transport and multi-service applications.

The CD21-Rev3 is a Calypso Network Association product. The CD21-Rev3 is available with 4, 8 or 18 Kbytes of EEPROM.

Key Features

  • Standards
    • Calypso compliant with:
      • Portable Object Application Revision 3 specification
      • Card Application Revision 2 specification
      • Calypso revision 1 contactless protocol
      • CD97 specifications
      • CD97-BX specifications
      • CDLight specifications
      • Automatic fare collection
      • Public transportation access
      • Access control
      • Ticketing payment
      • City services and Events
      • Leisure parks and stadium
      • Corporate card, Student card
      • Single or multiple ticketing applications
      • Transportation payment
      • Stored value (token purse)
      • Loyalty
      • 4, 8 or 18 Kbytes of EEPROM
      • Innovatron contactless protocol
      • 3V and 5V supply voltage ranges
      • Internal CPU clock frequency up to 29 MHz
      • Anti-collision and 16-bit CRC features
      • ISO/IEC 14443B (Parts 1 to 4) at 106, 212 and 424 kbps
      • Complies with ISO/IEC 7816-3 T=0
      • Dual or contactless-only configuration
      • DES, DESX and TDES capability
      • Full transaction duration, including typical terminal processing compliant with public transportation requirements
      • Common Criteria EAL5+
      • EMVCo™ certification
      • Security managed with various access modes: Pin, Session, Always, and Never.
      • A cryptographic certificate controls the access to file modifications. The certificate is computed by the reader (using its built-in SAM) and the card during the transaction, using DES, DESX or TDES encryption.
      • Calypso automatic recovery mechanism: all data modified in the card during a secure session are either completely done or not done at all.
      • Powerful multi-application synchronization capability
      • A special mechanism synchronizes modifications between the different applications managed by the card. Each command within the session uses its own secrets or delegates its security to the session security manager.
      • Multi-application card
      • Data organized in Files according to ISO/IEC 7816-4
      • Tele-ticketing compliant with the EN 1545 standard data model
      • The file structure may be chosen among many options (for example, 2 Calypso applications, 1 multi-purpose application with 9 contracts and an eTicket application)
      • Complete CDLight and CD97 (BX) emulation possible
      • Data is protected by diversified keys (up to 6 keys per directory)
  • アプリケーション
  • Multi-purpose card
  • ST23YR (8/16bit) MCU Core
  • High security features
  • Memory organization



Description バージョン サイズ
DB1325 DB1325: Calypso revision 3 specification compliant transportation dual-interface secure microcontroller 4.1 55 KB

Publications and Collaterals

Description バージョン サイズ
Brochure Secure MCUs - Payment and Identification Secure solutions 1.0 1 MB
Brochure Secure MCUs Secure Solutions 1.0 1 MB
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ST23YR18CD21REV3 DICE Active - - NEC EAR99 - MORE INFO No availability reported, please contact our Sales office

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ST23YR18CD21REV3 アクティブDICEIndustrialN/A

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