Secure element for Sigfox LPWAN network

The STSAFE-A1SX is a secure element that comes preloaded with Sigfox network keys, and provides secure services for data exchanges on the Sigfox’s low-power wide-area network (LPWAN). It constitutes a plug-and-play solution that allows Sigfox Ready™ IoT (Internet of things) devices to connect to the Sigfox network while ensuring data integrity and confidentiality. The STSAFE-A1SX is a highly secure, tamper-resistant solution that relies on a certified, secure EAL5+ Common Criteria chip, on top of which runs a dedicated secure operating system.

The STSAFE-A1SX can be integrated in IoT devices designed for the Sigfox LPWAN in applications such as industrial, utility or transportation.

Key Features

  • Data integrity over the Sigfox network:
    • Signature of payloads before uplink
    • Verification of downlink payloads
  • Optional data confidentiality over the Sigfox network:
    • Encryption of payloads before uplink
    • Decryption of downlink payloads
  • Security features
    • Latest generation of highly secure MCUs
      • CC EAL5+ AVA_VAN5 Common Criteria certified
      • Active shield
      • Monitoring of environmental parameters
      • Protection mechanism against faults
      • Unique serial number on each die
      • Protection against side-channel attacks
    • Advanced symmetric cryptography
      • AES-128
    • Secure operating system
      • Secure STSAFE-A1SX kernel for authentication and data management
      • Protection against logical and physical attacks
  • Hardware features
    • Highly secure MCU platform
    • 6 Kbyte of configurable non-volatile memory
      • Highly reliable CMOS EEPROM technology
      • 30 years’ data retention at 25 °C
      • 500 000 erase/program cycles endurance at 25 °C
      • 1.62 V to 5.5 V continuous supply voltage
  • Protocol
    • I²C-bus slave interface
      • Up to 400 Kbps transmission speed (Fast mode) and true open-drain pads
      • 7-bit addressing
  • パッケージ
    • ECOPACK® -compliant SO8N 8-lead plastic small outline and UFDFPN 8-lead ultra-thin profile fine pitch dual flat packages



Description バージョン サイズ
DB3202 DB3202: Authentication, data integrity and confidentiality for Sigfox Ready™ IoT devices 1.0 324 KB
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