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STM32 F0入门级Cortex™-M0 MCU

意法半导体基于ARM® Cortex-M0的STM32 F0系列实现了32位性能,同时传承了STM32系列的重要特性,特别适于成本敏感型应用。STM32 F0 MCU集实时性能、低功耗运算和与STM32平台相关的先进架构及外设于一身。

STM32F030 Value系列在传统8位和16位市场极具竞争力,并可使用户免于不同架构平台迁徙和相关开发带来的额外工作。

借助于STM32F0x2系列新增产品,STM32 F0系列通过USB 2.0和CAN也提供了丰富的通信接口,使它成为通信网关、智能能源器件或游戏终端的理想选择。


STM32 F0提供多种封装类型,适于各种应用和市场。

STM32 F0 series 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 MCU

Functional safety for STM32F0

Functional safety for STM32F0

The STM32 functional safety package helps designers to meet the functional safety requirements of the industry standard SIL.

ST has partnered with Yogitech, a leading provider of services and solutions to silicon vendors and system integrators, to offer :


  • an MCU Safety Manual: A detailed list of safety requirements (Conditions of Use) and examples to guide STM32 users to achieve safety integrity level 2/3 according to IEC 61508.
  •  fRSTL_stm32 libraries : a set of verified and application independent Software Test Libraries and related safety documentation to reach the target SIL with the selected STM32 microcontroller.The safety manual and the fRSTM_stm32 libraries are now available for the STM32F0 series and will soon be extended to all F1, F2, F3, F4 and L1 series. 
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