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NFC/RFID 存储器和收发器

RF存储器和收发器产品基于13.56 MHz载频,符合ISO 14443和ISO 15693 RFID标准的要求。意法半导体提供了最全面的产品组合,包括:

  • 动态NFC/RFID标签(亦即双接口EEPROM)
  • NFC/RFID收发器
  • RFID标签

Everything you need to know about NFC technology... and more

In our increasingly connected world, NFC ( near field communication) is a wireless technology enables people to interact with all the objects around them with just a tap. Near field communication, the simple, intuitive technology that facilitates transactions with a simple touch, is now in hundreds of millions of smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics, with new NFC-enabled devices being launched every day. NFC has the potential to transform all kinds of applications, our new technical white paper – TN1216 NFC guide – gives an in-depth overview of NFC technology, underlining its potential, and helps newcomers and the initiated navigate the landscape of standards that define and govern NFC technology in order to NFC-enable their new products in development. Click here to download TN1216 NFC guide