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意法半导体的MOSFET产品采用先进的封装,具有很宽的击穿电压范围(-500 ~ 1500 V)、低栅极电荷和低导通电阻。意法半导体面向高、低压MOSFET的制程增强了功率处理能力,从而实现了高效解决方案。


  • 击穿电压范围:-500 ~ 1500 V
  • 提供30多种封装选项,包括带有专用控制引脚、能够提高开关效率的新型4引脚TO247-4封装和1-mm表贴封装PowerFLAT™ 8x8 HV、PowerFLAT 5x6 HV及VHV封装。这些表贴封装带有大片裸露金属作为漏极,使得其具有优异散热能力。
  • 改善了栅电荷,降低了功耗,满足了当今极具挑战性的效率要求
  • 面向所选产品线的本征快速体二极管



I2PAKFP package extends super-junction high-voltage MOSFET offering

Ideal for compact LED driver applications and slim laptop adapters, the I2PAKFP package option extends ST’s portfolio of 800 V MDmesh K5 MOSFETs and 600 V MDmesh M2 MOSFETs. Compared to the TO-220FP, this fully-molded package is 30% shorter in body height, yet maintains the same level of thermal performance and electrical isolation.  A clip can be used to mount the package, resulting in more uniform contact pressure and good thermal contact. In slim designs, the package can be mounted above the standoff height, which improves the overall reliability.
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