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600-650V 绝缘栅双极晶体管(IGBT)

意法半导体’的600~650V IGBT为工作频率高达100 kHz的应用提供的最大集电极电流范围为3~150A。 提供了多种版本,并且带有专用内置式反向并联二极管以实现设计优化。 利用意法半导体’获得专利的标准冲压穿透PowerMESH技术和新引进的沟槽栅场终止技术来实现该电压范围。

这些600~650V IGBT的目标应用包括家用电器、感应加热、光伏、UPS、焊接和照明。 提供的封装选项包括D2PAK、DPAK、ISOTOP、Max247、TO-220、TO-220FP、TO-247、TO-247长引线和TO-3PF。

650 V IGBT HB series

Leveraging the advanced proprietary trench gate field-stop (TGFS) structure, ST’s HB series of 650 V IGBTs combine a very low saturation voltage (down to 1.6 V) with a minimal collector current turn-off tail and a maximum operating temperature of 175°C, enhancing the efficiency of high-frequency applications such as solar inverters, welders, UPS and PFC. Tight control over parameters combined with a positive VCE(sat) derating enables safe paralleling of multiple IGBTs for higher power requirements and design simplification.
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