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600-650V 绝缘栅双极晶体管(IGBT)

意法半导体’的600~650V IGBT为工作频率高达100 kHz的应用提供的最大集电极电流范围为3~150A。 提供了多种版本,并且带有专用内置式反向并联二极管以实现设计优化。 利用意法半导体’获得专利的标准冲压穿透PowerMESH技术和新引进的沟槽栅场终止技术来实现该电压范围。

这些600~650V IGBT的目标应用包括家用电器、感应加热、光伏、UPS、焊接和照明。 提供的封装选项包括D2PAK、DPAK、ISOTOP、Max247、TO-220、TO-220FP、TO-247、TO-247长引线和TO-3PF。

650 V IGBT M series

Based on ST’s second generation of trench-gate field-stop low-loss technology, the 650 V IGBT M series combines the best trade-off between conduction and switch-off energy with outstanding robustness and EMI behavior. Presently available in 10 A and 30 A current ratings, they enable more efficient and reliable motor control, air conditioning compressors, HVAC motor drives, UPS, solar power converters and all power conversion applications working up to 20 kHz in hard-switching topologies. A 6 µs (min) short-circuit withstand time at 150 °C starting junction temperature, an extended operating junction temperature of 175 °C and a wide safe operating area extend service lifetime and boost reliability of applications requiring high power dissipation.