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受市场需求的推动,意法半导体’的ESD保护器件 - 包括瞬态电压浪涌抑制器(TVS)、箝位二极管和阵列或Transils™ - 着重实现:

  • 符合IEC 61000-4-2规范的要求
  • 利用低箝位电压保证保护效率
  • 利用低泄漏电流保证保护可靠性
  • 利用超低电容和超高带宽保证信号完整性


ESD protection device portfolio

Ultra-low capacitance ESD protection devices

High-speed differential signaling chipsets featuring USB 3.0 or HDMI 2.0 are very sensitive to electrostatic discharges that can reach up to 16 A in 30 ns as per system-level standard IEC 61000-4-2 Level 4 (+/- 8000 V contact discharge). The ESD protection component must clamp these discharges without compromising the signal integrity of the high-speed link.
Discover the range of ESDA devices featuring an ultra-low capacitance, dedicated to the protection of both wired and RF high-speed links.

The ESDAXLC6-1BU2, for example, features robust ESD protection (up to +/- 16000 V) with only 0.4 pF line capacitance in order to offer a 10 GHz signal bandwidth. It is housed in a tiny ST0201 package of 0.18 mm² in order to provide the best PCB placement flexibility. An automotive version is also available as ESDAXLC6-1BT2Y, in SOD882T package.
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