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  • ESD保护
  • 负载突降保护
  • 电源轨瞬态电压抑制器(TVS)保护

因此,意法半导体’的TVS箝位二极管或Transil™设计用于保护灵敏的汽车电路免遭过压浪涌(见ISO 7637-2)和静电放电(见IEC 61000-4-2和ISO 10605)的损害。



Automotive-grade protection devices portfolio

ESDCAN01-2BLY keeps clamping voltage below 35 V

ST’s new ESD protection diode, the ESDCAN01-2BLY, is designed for circuit protection of automotive Controller Area Network (CAN) bus lines. It provides ESD circuit protection of up to 30 kV (ISO 10605) and overvoltage protection against other automotive electrical surges such as ISO 7637-3 pulse 3a/3b. Rated at 24 V stand-off voltage, it maintains the maximum clamping voltage below 35 V when subjected to ISO 7637-3 pulse 3a/3b. Housed in the SOT-23 package, it features a 230-watt peak pulse power even at 120 °C for protection in tough environments. Get to know more about the ESDCAN01-2BLY features and capabilities in its e-presentation.