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意法半导体的智能复位 IC扩展了现有按钮的功能,这样用户通过同时长按1个或2个按钮就可以重置被冻结的器件。 这些器件具有几种有用特性,例如:

  • 无需专用复位按钮,–使用现有按钮或者按钮组合即可实现
  • 5~10秒的可定制输入延迟时间,保证意外的短激活按钮不会让系统复位
  • 选择单个或者2个同时按钮来发送复位信号
  • 支持电池不可拆卸的应用
  • 采用超小型封装(DFN和UDFN),能够将对板尺寸的影响降至最低水平 



智能复位™ IC让您能够通过扩展已有按键的功能来复位被冻结或锁定的电子设备,而无需取出电池或者使用专用复位按钮。根据器件配置的不同,用户只需长按1个SR1或同时长按2个SR2按钮即可复位被冻结的设备。这些IC具有可编程延迟,能够避免意外复位,为设备制造商节省了空间和成本,为用户大幅提高了便捷性。


Smart reset brings a real value to battery operated applications

Smart reset™ ICs allow to reset a frozen or locked up electronic device without having to remove the battery or access a dedicated reset button by extending the functional capability of the existing buttons. Users can simply reset their frozen device with a long push of one SR1 or two SR2 buttons simultaneously, depending on the device configuration. With a programmable delay to avoid accidental resets, these ICs save space and cost for equipment manufacturers, and significantly increase convenience for the user.

Smart reset bring a real value to battery operated applications, such as wearable devices, whose human to machine interface is built up with a touch screen or just a few mechanical buttons (1 or 2 for ex). By providing hidden functionality, smart reset bring a significant contribution to product friendly design while preventing from end-user misuse or by adding easy access to extra features (not only limited to system reset, but also shortcut, data saving or synchronization, low power mode entry.)

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