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  • 可升级解决方案,满足了整个行业对车门电子架构的要求
  • 电源管理功能(所选产品具有局部网络IP)
  • 集成式CAN或LIN收发器
  • 通过SPI总线进行控制和诊断
  • 具有高散热性能的小功率封装

New multi-functional door zone driver ICs

Like upscale vehicles, more and more cars have their doors filled with functionalities. Reducing weight and size of associated electronic modules becomes critical task especially if this is to be achieved at affordable cost. The new, highly integrated, door module drivers L99DZ80EP and its stripped-down counterpart the L99DZ81EP have been specifically optimized to come up to these challenges.

Both are featuring an integrated gate driver section dedicated to drive in Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) 4 external MOSFET arranged in a full-bridge configuration. With this bulky and noisy mechanical relays used to drive the high current DC motors used in window lift can be conveniently replaced achieving greater smoothness and quietness in the movement. The slew rate at the full-bridge output can also be controlled by an on-chip register - accessible through the SPI – and this helps designers to implement effective EMC compliance strategies.

The devices integrate also a number (6 and 3 respectively) of fully protected half-bridge drivers for door-lock, mirror fold and axis control plus 3 or 4 (in the L99DZ81EP) high side drivers for non-reactive loads such as LEDs, Bulbs and heating elements for mirror defrost.

The L99DZ80EP includes also a drive section for dimmable electro-chromic mirror glasses.