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意法半导体提供了灵活、可升级且不过时的电力线通信片上系统平台,能够满足苛刻的智能计量和智能电网应用要求以及相关通信标准。 意法半导体’的电力线收发器在单个封装内整合了模拟前端(AFE)和电力线驱动器,削减了开发成本,缩短了开发时间。

意法半导体’的PLC系列产品范围广泛,从简单的低成本FSK收发器(例如ST7540和ST7538Q)到最先进的集成式STarGRID® SoC平台(ST7570、ST7580和ST7590),其提供了高性能和多个交钥匙协议设计。

意法半导体积极参与各大PLC标准定义组织和为智能电网应用定义开放式通信协议标准的行业联盟与项目,包括OPEN流量计项目、Meters and More协会、电力线智能电表进化联盟(PRIME Alliance)、PLC-G3联盟、家庭插电联盟(HomePlug Alliance)以及IEEE、ITU与IEC组织内部的几个工作组)。

STCOMET Smart Metering system-on-chip

This multi-core SoC with FLASH memory is a true smart-meter on-a-chip and embeds all the functions required to build future-proof, high-performance electricity meters for smart grid:

  • in-field programmable modem capable to handle primary narrow band Power Line Communication (PLC) standards protocol like, for example, PRIME 1.36 and 1.4, PLC- G3, S-FSK IEC61 334-5-1, METERS AND MORE®, and IEEE 1901.2.
  • an RX-TX analog front-end with ADC/DAC and power amplifier for direct connection to the external coupling network for EN50065, FCC, or ARIB compliant designs
  • independent three channel metrology analog front-end and hard-wired DSP for high-accuracy energy measurement suitable for EN 50470-1, EN 50470-3, IEC 62053-21, IEC 62053-22 and IEC 62053-23 class1, class0.5 and class0.2 AC compliant applications

STCOMET comes with a complete suite of tools including

  • evaluation and development boards and reference designs,
  • certified power line communication protocol stacks FW libraries
  • SW integration tool-chain to ensure the shortest path from evaluation to prototyping and certification to mass production. Learn more