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意法半导体’的超高速二极管符合AEC-Q101标准的要求,用于DC-DC转换器,以便实现大量汽车功能。 这些器件保证可以在低至-40 °C和高至+175 °C的结温下运行。给定整流器的汽车版产品可以通过产品编号中的扩展名“Y”进行识别。


Super-slim AEC-Q101-qualified ultrafast rectifiers

ST extends its range of ultrafast rectifiers dedicated to automotive applications housed in slim packages 60% thinner than the standard SMA and SMB packages yet footprint compatible:

- High-voltage ultrafast rectifiers (600 V to 1200 V) in SMBFlat – 50 mg, 1 mm thick – with a current rating from 1 A to 3 A,
- 200 V ultrafast rectifiers in SOD128-Flat – 26 mg, 1mm thick – as STTH2R02A-Y and STTH3R02A-Y (2 and 3A).

This flat-package rectifier range enables the design of lighter and slimmer ECUs as well as use in existing designs, including L-series devices with low forward voltage (VF) for circuits requiring low conduction losses, and R-series devices with lower reverse-recovery time (trr) permitting the use of smaller external inductors and capacitors at higher operating frequencies.

Thanks to the Tj range from -40 °C to 175 °C, these rectifiers are ideal for miniature automotive electronic control modules, power converters, motor drives, and freewheeling diodes.
They can also be designed in equipments in harsh industrial environments, such as mobile base stations and outdoor lighting.