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Power Your Life Seminars

Seminar and Location Overview


Power Your Life Seminar

by STMicroelectronics

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Join us for a day of educational presentations, provided in three parallel tracks of Power Conversion, Lighting, and Motor Control, covering the latest techniques and technologies delivered by design experts.

The Power Your Life Seminar goes beyond product presentations and combines new advanced concepts, basic design principals, and “real world” application examples. Don’t miss this chance to discover and ask the leading industry experts your questions to help you with your next design. 

   Power It

   Light It

   Move It

 • Digital power control
 • Power factor 
 • Online simulation tools
 • Efficiency optimization
 • Primary side
 • LED lighting  
 • Lighting standards
 • Challenges with 
 • Online simulation tools
 • FOC for PMAC motors
 • Stepper motor drive in voltage     mode
 • Isolated gate drive without opto
 • Improved reliability for inverters


   Cities and Dates

       Cities and Dates

  • Boston, MA – June 5
  • Chicago, IL – May 13
  • Los Angeles, CA – May 8
  • Minneapolis, MN – May 15
  • Philadelphia, PA – June 3
  • San Jose, CA – May 6

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Seminar Details, Registration and Location Details

Seminar Schedule


  Power It

  Light It

  Move It

 8:30 AM -
 9:30 AM

  Welcome and opening comments

 9:30 AM -
 10:00 AM

  Fundamentals of LLC
  resonant topology

  Architectures for
  driving high
  brightness LED

  Improved reliability
  in motor control using
  Intelligent Power

 10:00 AM -
 10:30 AM

  sensorless field
  oriented control

 10:30 AM -
 11:00 AM

  In-depth understanding
  of Power MOSFET
  failure mechanisms

  Design using
  on-line simulation

 11:00 AM -
 11:15 AM




 11:15 AM -
 11:45 AM

  Evolution in PFC


  challenges for


  sensorless field
  oriented control

 11:45 AM - 
 12:15 PM

 12:15 PM -
 1:30 PM

  Keynote Presentation

  Demo area open

 1:30 PM -
 2:00 PM

  Concepts in digital
  power control


  Introduction to
  electronic drives for
  LED lighting
  applications and
  industrial standards


  Using voltage mode
  for microstepping
  stepper motor drive

 2:00 PM -
 2:30 PM

 2:30 PM -
 2:45 PM




 2:45 PM -
 3:15 PM

  Optimizing the flyback
  topology for efficiency
  and standby power

  Primary side
  sensing techniques:
  design issues and


  Using voltage mode
  for microstepping
  stepper motor drive

 3:15 PM -
 3:45 PM

  Isolated gate drivers
  for motor control

 3:45 PM -
 5:00 PM

  Demo area open for discussions

For more details on the seminar sessions and presenter information, please click here
The complete Power Your Life handout can be found here.

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City and Date


Boston, MA:
Thursday, June 5, 2014

Marriott Burlington
1 Burlington Mall Road
Burlington, MA  01803
Phone: 781-229-6565

Chicago, IL:
Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chicago Marriott Northwest
4800 Hoffman Boulevard
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
Phone: 847-645-9500

Los Angeles, CA:
Thursday, May 8, 2014

Warner Center Marriott
21850 Oxnard Street
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Phone: 818-877-4800

Minneapolis, MN:
Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sheraton Bloomington Hotel
5601 W 78th St
Minneapolis, MN, 55439
Phone: (847) 645-9500

Philadelphia, PA:
Tuesday, June 3, 2014

ACE Conference Center
800 Ridge Pike
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444
Phone: 610-825-8000

Santa Clara, CA:
Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Santa Clara Marriott
2700 Mission College Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA, 95054-1218
Phone: (408) 988-1500


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