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SPC5Studio Training Course

SPC5Studio Training Course

Course overview

This training introduces the new SPC5Studio Application IDE. SPC5Studio includes device configuration and code generation functions inside an Eclipse development environment.

It is oriented to:

  • Users adopting professional high end tool chain offering a configurator and a dynamic code examples generator
  • Users looking for a comprehensive software development environment including a low cost compiler and a newly developed budgetary cost tool chain supporting SPC56 and SPC57 product families.

Training agenda

SPC5 Studio introduction

  •       Marketing overview

  •       SPC5Studio overview

  •       SW tools configuration

  •       Component-based approach

  •       Application IDE with exercise

  •       Tools overview (Hightec, PLS)

  •       Available plugins and components

  •       Create components (introduction)

Hands-on session

  •       Testing an application on a board

  •       Flashing device

  •       Using PLS debugger

  •       Practical debugging

  •       Porting application with exercise

  •       Final test (including FAE certification)

  •       Q&A

General notes about SW courses

ST offers free training courses for our microcontroller products at locations across continental Europe and North America. Our training team would be pleased to share their expertise on our SW products and application development techniques with you.

Session Details, Location and Registration


  • Technical English
  • Principles of MCU programming, embedded C
  • Basic understanding of Power Architecture MCUs (basic know-how not mandatory)
  • PC with USB and administration rights
  • To speed up the hands-on session, we suggest you install SPC5Studio and SPC5-UDESTK-SW that are available on ST’s web at

Duration: 1 day

All sessions are thorough technical courses intended for:

·         Customers’ SW and HW engineers of embedded systems

·         Distributors’ field application engineers

Available sessions:

October 09 to 10, 2013 (*)MilanSTMicroelectronics
Via Tolomeo,
20010 Cornaredo
Italy – room Belvedere
November 5, 2013DetroitST Livonia
November 7, 2013Chicagotbd
tbd (**)Germanytbd

(*) Note: Milan session is split in two half days:

October 9: 14.00 to 18.00 and October 10: 09.00 to 13.00

(**) NOTE: German sessions are under definition. Location, dates and access methodology will be published by October 18th.

A few tips before attending

·         ST's training courses are limited to a maximum of 40 attendees and may be cancelled if there are not at least 8 attendees. For this reason, you should not book tickets or rooms unless you have received a confirmation e-mail from us.

·         ST's training courses are free of charge and include free lunch and collations at ST's premises.
Accommodation and other expenses are at your charge.


For registration on ST’s course sessions, please fill in and submit:

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