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Quality audits

In ST, audits are used as a management tool to assess the execution and conformity of our processes and organizations. Product conformance and organizational compliance are evaluated during the annual audit program covering ST entities, manufacturing plants, key processes and other interrelated activities and organizations.

The primary focus of audits is risk analysis. In ST, we have introduced several means to achieve effectively this purpose:

Bullet Systematic use of VDA6.3 methodology as the master tool for assessing the capability of customer-oriented processes

Bullet Promoting the automotive audit process approach when auditing system processes (CAPDo) and maturity performance for entities and processes based on international (ISO9004) and French (FDX on Process Management) standards

Bullet Collaboration with Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Bullet Corporate-level risk mapping and prioritization analysis

Bullet Systematic reporting of audit major non-conformities and corrective action follow-up