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Orio Bellezza

Executive Vice President
General Manager, Front-End Manufacturing & Technology R&D
Sense & Power and Automotive Products (SP&A)

Orio Bellezza is Executive Vice President and General Manager of Front-End Manufacturing & Technology R&D for the Company’s Sense & Power and Automotive Products (SP&A) Segment. He has been responsible 

for Front-End Manufacturing since 2008 and assumed additional responsibility for technology R&D for automotive and industrial & multisegment products in February 2012. He is a member of ST’s Corporate Strategic Committee.

Bellezza joined SGS-ATES, a predecessor company to STMicroelectronics, in 1984. He soon moved to the Company’s Central R&D organization and participated in several key projects, including the introduction of process technology modules for manufacturing sub-micron non-volatile memories. In 1996, Bellezza was appointed Director of ST’s R&D facility in Agrate and led its upgrade and expansion into the Company’s development center for non-volatile memory and smart-power technologies. In 2002, he became Vice President of Central R&D, and in 2005, was appointed to Vice President and Assistant General Manager of Front-End Technology and Manufacturing.

Bellezza has published technical papers and earned several patents in non-volatile memories.

Orio Bellezza was born in Bergamo, Italy, in 1959, and graduated with a degree in Chemistry from the University of Milan (Università degli Studi di Milano), Italy.

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