ST Life.augmented

What We Stand For


In ST’s 27-year history, we have always been proud to make, through our innovative products and emphasis on quality, a positive contribution to people’s lives. We continue to pursue this goal with a strategy that focuses on two broad areas where we already lead or have all the ingredients to lead:  Sense & Power and Automotive products, on the one hand, and Embedded Processing Solutions on the other.

Both of these markets are today being driven by secular trends and societal needs and ST focuses on four of these areas: energy management and power saving, the need for stronger data security, healthcare and wellness, and smart consumer devices.

We serve these markets with a strong and innovative product portfolio with a particular emphasis on five key growth drivers:  MEMS and Sensors, Smart Power, Automotive Products, Microcontrollers and Digital Consumer & ASICs.

In products, we are leaders or among the leaders in all of our markets. In Sense and Power and Automotive Products, these include advanced analog, power management and standard ICs, power discrete and modules, MEMS and sensors, as well as our automotive products. In Embedded Processing Solutions, these include microcontrollers and our digital consumer products such as our set-top boxes, imaging products, and complex digital ASICs.

To get the most out of technology today and tomorrow, ST maintains an unwavering and long-lasting commitment to R&D, technology and innovation and we serve our customers with a world-class manufacturing machine.

Sustainability has been embedded into ST’s business and products for more than 15 years. At ST we get more from technology to get more from life and we always do it responsibly. With the environment and people as core values, we are continually striving to be among the most sustainable and responsible companies in the world.

All this, and more, is why we say that ST stands for “Life.augmented.”