ST Life.augmented

Multimedia Convergence

The arrival of new classes of electronic products like tablets and SmartTVs has resulted in a blurring of the traditional industry segmentation of Computer, Consumer and even Automotive Infotainment. This is accelerating through the use of common hardware and software platforms across these applications.

With strong system know-how in TV, Monitor, Set-Top-Box and Mobile phone applications ST is uniquely positioned to propose both System-on-Chip “core products” for these applications as well as peripheral devices like

  • Smart TV SoCs
  • Set-Top Box SoCs
  • GPS navigation and Infotainment SoCs
  • Image Sensors and Camera modules
  • HDMI and DisplayPort interconnect and conversion ICs
  • Wired and wireless connectivity ICs
  • Power supply and power management ICs
  • OLED display Power Supply and Management ICs
  • MEMS sensors for motion, pressure, e-compass
  • Touchscreen sensing solutions
  • Audio amplifiers
  • MEMS microphones

A complete software ecosystem has been established to support the SoC platforms in these convergence applications.