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Digital TV and monitor

What is the difference today between a Smart TV and an all in one Flat scree PC with a TV tuner?

Traditional PC and monitor manufacturers are making TVs and TV manufacturers or fighting back by connecting the TV with the network (wired or wirelessly) and embedding browsers, video conferencing and other applications we are used to find on our PCs.

Thanks to many years working with TV and Set-Top-Box manufacturers as well as some strategic IP acquisitions in recent years, ST is one of very few semiconductor companies able to propose complete solutions for the latest LCD based Digital TV and Monitor products from the SoC core product to peripheral devices including:

  • Newman Ultra - Smart TV SoC worldwide H.264 decoder + Faroudja video/audio processing
  • Single chip 3D and HD monitor controllers with support for upto 4096 x 2160 video resolution
  • HDMI and DisplayPort interconnect and conversion ICs
  • Audio and Video switches and multiplexers
  • Wired and wireless connectivity ICs
  • Power supply and power management ICs
  • Audio amplifiers
  • MEMS microphones
  • Image Sensors and Camera modules


A complete software ecosystem has been established to support the SoC platforms in these applications using GoogleTV™, Android™ TV and traditional Linux TV operating systems with support for 3D, Adobe Flash® and all standard Video and Audio coding standards.