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For more than 20 years ST has been providing the leading car manufacturers and their electronic system suppliers with semiconductor devices. Automotive electronic systems have grown from simple car radios and electronic ignition control and alternator regulators to very complex systems thanks to increased requirements from both owners and legislation for higher efficiency, lower emissions, increased comfort and conveneince, higher performance and increased safety.
ST has attained a deep understanding of the technical, system, quality, reliability  and supply chain  requirements
With many products manufactured to AECQ100 ST provides products for most automotive requirements including:
  • Power train Electronic control units (ECUs)
  • Infotainment systems including naviagtion
  • Car body electronics – lighting, heating, cooling, door modules, seat control etc
  • Active and Passive safety systems including the latest ADAS solutions  for collision avoidance, lane departure detection etc
  • Steering and chassis solutions including electric steering, adaptive damper management
  • Hybrid Electric and Electric vehicle solutions for charging, driving motors and energy recovery

The key products and technologies enabling these applications are:

  • 8 and 32-bit Automotive Microcontrollers based on proprietary and Power cores
  • Audio, media and navigation processors
  • High-side and low-side intelligent power switches
  • Motor and valve solenoid drivers
  • Audio CODECs, processors and power amplifiers
  • Analog, Digital terrestrial and Digital Satellite radio solutions
  • One of the industry’s broadest ranges of Power MOSFETs and IGBTs
  • Automotive Ultrafast and Schottky rectifiers
  • Automotive EEPROM memories
  • Automotive Protection devices