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Rear Door Driving

The actuator drivers designed by STMicroelectronics for automotive door zone applications are characterized by a scalable actuator driving concept, compatible with package and software, to satisfy the multiplicity of door electronics variants today. The drivers support all regular door zone loads such as door lock motors, mirror folder and leveling, defroster, and several lighting functions from LEDs to incandescent bulbs. L9952 is a sophisticated power management device, enabling the application to achieve a very low quiescent current. Control and diagnostics for all devices are managed via a serial peripheral interface (SPI). They are available in small power packages, offering superior thermal performance – ideal for compact and lightweight systems. 

For rear door control, L9951 has the right actuator driver arrangement. It contains power stages driving locks and bulbs only. Power management and power window drive are similar to front doors. L9952 is also the appropriate solution for rear doors.

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